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Riverside Vicodin Possession Lawyers

Strategic Defense Against Criminal Vicodin Charges

Although Vicodin is not an illegal drug per se, it is illegal to possess Vicodin without a valid prescription or in excessive quantities of the prescription. Sale or transportation is also a crime in California. These are serious crimes that can be charged as felonies, with stiff fines and incarceration as penalties for conviction of prescription drug charges involving Vicodin. If you are facing criminal charges involving Vicodin, make sure you work with a Riverside Vicodin possession attorney you can trust.

At The Law Offices of Rajan Maline, P.C., we bring experience, knowledge and a commitment to personalized service to every case we handle. We will work with you to inform you of your rights and options, determine the best strategic approach and defend you throughout the process.

Vicodin Addiction ∙ Alternative Sentencing

Possession of a controlled substance is a serious drug crime charge in California. With fines and up to three years in prison as a consequence for simple possession (and greater penalties for a possession for sale or transportation conviction), the stakes are high.

Most people facing arrest for illegal possession or other prescription drug crimes involving Vicodin are not hardened criminals. In fact, most people in this situation begin taking the drug for a legitimate medical purpose with a valid prescription. However, Vicodin can be extremely addictive. It is very common for people to start taking the drug more than needed or in excessive doses. Before long, an addiction begins taking hold and the patient is no longer in control. Many people who have never done a criminal act in their lives will resort to various illegal methods of obtaining the drug, including:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Theft crimes, including robbery
  • Forgery
  • Illegal purchase

At The Law Offices of Rajan Maline, P.C., we will do everything we can to make sure the judge or jury understands your situation and to help you get the best results possible. In some situations, nonviolent first-time offenders are eligible for alternative sentencing and diversion programs that involve treatment programs instead of serving jail time. We will help you explore alternative sentencing or deferred entry of judgment.

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To discuss your options with an experienced California prescription drug crime lawyer in a free initial consultation, call 800-707-7358 or contact us online.

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